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February 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Trenches is a WWI Trench warfare type game where your army is on one side and the goal is the other side, simple right?


Well that’s what i thought when i first read the description, and actually it turns out to be true, as your start playing the game (if you payed attention in History) each faction will gain ground and then lose it in the blink of an eye, either by mortar fire or over-whelming troops.

There are plenty of fun little quirks to the game, when artillery strict’s your men (or enemy’s) the troops will blow up into smaller bits in pieces with cartoon-ish stylishness explosion.

After a bit of gaming you can unlock the Mustard gas to deploy on enemy troops to either hold em off or poison them right on the spot

to slow enemy troops either build a wire fence or deploy mustard gas..or both.

Infantry, Snipers, Machine gunners, Mortars, Mustard Gas, Artillery, This is you’re arsenal of troops, choose the right ones to turn the tide and win the war!

Game also includes multiplayer over Bluetooth and WiFi, Along with global multiplayer over the internet.


In my opinion its a fun little game that’s actually kinda addicting, grab it on iTunes right here.



-iOS 3.0 or later

-Works on all iDevices

-Price- $0.99



Dead Space for iphone

January 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Dead Space for iOS Devices has finally come! was i expecting but still its amazing!

This game has got to be one of the best looking iOS games iv ever seen, right up there with Infinity Blade.

The horror you know and love from the first game feels like a direct port to iOS, once you begin it all seems so familiar.

You get a new weapon when you start, a Plasma Saw which is pretty cool for cutting off arms and such.

You start off as Vandel on the mining station Titan, doing a dead for the church, then everything starts to go wrong with a cut of a wire, you are then tracked by your suits ID and told that you are given a chance to redeem yourself for putting the entire station in danger.

if your a Dead Space fan then you wont want to miss out of this one!


-Must have iOS 3.0 or higher

-price $6.99 for iPhone and $9.99 for iPad

Fat face Apps Review

January 22, 2011 Leave a comment

We all love to laugh right? And I’m sure we all know of the Fat Face makers right?
Well assuming you all did and even a few who didn’t I decided to make a review of 2 of the Free face fatter apps.

iFaceFat, was the first one I encountered.

(Don’t worry the markers are bigger on other pictures)


What both of these apps do is you can either take a picture of someones face or load one from the camera roll.

Then you align the markers if it doesn’t, then you fall out if your chair laughing..pure genius!

And the other, Fat Kiosk, Does the exact same thing, sept the menu has a preview of the pictures you’ve take

(My friend and little brother..aka Lab rats)

Taken with iFaceFat.

Got any other apps you’d like to review?