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A new year

Alright, hello blog world. I am the amazing mripod64. You can just think of me as that little paperclip help on MS-Word that no one likes or uses, sept I’m smarter then the little runt. But anyways enough of me.

the jailbreak application “Redsn0w” appears to be reaching it’s final stages of development, with testing and updates coming out so quickly (like every few days or so) I personally am really impressed by these guys, they are they trail makers of my world lol

Grennposi0n (also one of the newest leading jailbreak tools) will be having an update to include the 4.2.1 UNtethered jailbreak for all iDecives, as of currently only the iPod touch 2g (non mc model) and iPhone 3G (with old bootrom) are unthetherable On 4.2.1

For those of you who do not know “tethered” means you have to connect your iPhone or iPod or iPad to the computer every time you want to restart, or if your battery dies
“Untethered” means..well the opposite, you don’t need a computer to restart, it’s just like how it normally was. (only better cause you have chosen to unleash it’s truth power!)

I believe that the next update for both these jailbreak tools to be with in the next few weeks, hopefully less.
and with the release of the Verizon iPhone what a better time ay?

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